For years I have been primarily using Squarespace to create cohesive and beautiful websites for my own businesses and interests that I support. Despite the fact that Squarespace makes use of templates, I still need to rely on html and css to make crucial adjustments to the designs. The final results are a mix of strong visual design via Photoshop and Illustrator, useability and layout improvements via custom code, and original content that I write and produce.

Random Seed Games has been my primary business venture since about 2010. The site's main focus is to promote video games that I develop and publish via Steam and other digital distribution partners. Links to all games published under the Random Seed name can be found on the site, as well as a link to a standalone site specific to my largest development project, Lacuna Passage. I also use the Squarespace content management system to create regular blog posts documenting the development of all of my projects. The Lacuna Passage devlog has been ongoing since 2013 and serves as a great promotional and communication tool.

The standalone Lacuna Passage promotional site was created as a way to separate out the game from a branding perspective and provide a self-contained page for reviewers, social media influencers, and players to learn about the game. The Random Seed Games site has a top navigation link devoted entirely to funneling visitors to the Lacuna Passage site. This allowed me to use a unique visual style for the site that did not rely on the same theme used to promote my other products.

Bible Inspectors is a side project that I started in the fall of 2015. The site aims to provide a secular examination of the Bible. This is done by providing a cross reference of answers to Bible questions from all the various Christian demoninations and then editorializing the examined differences in interpretation. The site also provides a database of religious debate videos organized by topic, as well as original articles written by myself and other site contributors.