The Random Seed Games Twitter account is the primary social media account for my game development company. This is where I share most development news and updates with the relevant hashtags and custom media. Posts regularly contain blog entries, gifs, screenshots, and videos. Below is a selection of various tweets that I have used to promote my products.

I also have a Facebook page for Random Seed Games that is used for very similar promotion.

Early on in the development of Lacuna Passage I experienced a great deal of success through promoting on reddit. This was all organic and not paid promotion or advertising. Reddit was already a site I was well familiar with and so I leveraged my knowledge of the platform to build a following during development. One such post (linked below) garnered over 16,000 views for a promotional video on the Random Seed Games YouTube channel.

Eventually I set out to convert my early followers into backers for a Kickstarter campaign to fund the remainder of the game's development. I successfully launched the campaign for Lacuna Passage in 2013 and raised more than $54,000.

The Timid Tortoise is a business started by my wife and I as a way to sell her homemade woodworking projects. I work very closely with her for the design of her online presence which includes an Etsy shop and a wide network of social media accounts to promote her products. I assist her with all her posts which are initiated with Instagram and propagated out to Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Tumblr. Below are some examples of our social media presence.

I also use social media to promote the Bible Inspectors website, which offers a secular examination of the Bible and Christian Theology. Twitter and Facebook are the main avenues of promotion. I have developed a media template that can be used to quickly create shareable graphics on multiple platforms. Below are some examples of my posts.

The Bible Inspectors also have a podcast that I produce. I host the show and do all post-processing and editing. I manage the RSS feed and handle all promotion. I even created the theme song that plays at the start of every episode.

A couple friends and I launched a podcast in early 2017 called Credits Due. We review a single actor's filmography in chronological order. We have discussed actors like Keanu Reeves, Scarlett Johansson, and Will Smith. Most of the promotion is handled by one of my co-hosts, but I assist with the local recording, RSS feed formatting, file hosting, and analytics. I also composed the theme song that starts every episode.