Time Frame - Ludum Dare 27 Entry - Play Now!

In Time Frame you explore a world that is moving in slow motion. Experience 10 seconds in the span of 10 minutes. It is a strange, abandoned place with a startling ending. I did all the programming and design as well as most of the art. The music was done by Clark Aboud with additional artwork by Alex Senechal.

Beast Feast: Flash Game - Ludum Dare 24 Entry - Play Now!

I was conviced at the last possible minute to participate in the Ludum Dare 24 team competition... as the team programmer no less. Obviously not my strong suit, but I had a lot of fun doing it and I think the game turned out great. In Beast Feast you play as a little monster who must evolve by eating other monsters that he kills with his exploding eggs. Get to 50 total monsters eaten to win. Try to do it in the lowest time possible.

Protobotic: Flash Game - Official Trailer - Play on Newgrounds or Kongregate

Protobotic is a action-puzzle shooter. The goal of the game is to advance your weaponized robot through a series of challenges to escape from a science facility. You must use your various weapons and their unique functions to get past increasingly difficult obstacles. I was the sole designer, artist, and programmer on this title.

Painted Animals: iOS Universal App - Coming Soon!

Teach your kids all about animals with Painted Animals for iOS, a game with beautiful hand-painted graphics. There are three game modes to help learn animal shapes, sounds, and names. Also, find out which animals live together in the same habitat. Painted Animals is free on the app store with a single in-app purchase to unlock additional animals. I was the designer and programmer for this project with my wife Frances doing the art.


Iceberg Frenzy: iOS Universal App - Download with iTunes

Iceberg Frenzy is a fast paced casual game, free on the iOS App Store. Use your device's tilt sensors to slide your penguin around on a hectic iceberg. Collect as many fish as you can before you get pushed off the edge into the icey waters. Compare high scores with your friends and unlock achievements with Game Center integration. I was the sole designer, artist, and programmer with this project.


L33tFleet: Geek Squad Academy Online - Visit the Website

L33tFleet is the action-packed and interactive outreach effort of Best Buy and Geek Squad Academy. The game is an educational experience aimed at exposing kids to the wonders of technology. I was the lead designer for the project.


Geek Squad Summer Academy 2011: Flash Game - Demo Trailer

My first project with Geek Squad Academy was released in the Spring of 2011. Geek Squad Summer Academy is a youth camp focused on teaching kids about technology and now they have taken a giant step in the direction of educational gaming. I worked as a game designer and artist on the interactive elements for the summer camp (see trailer above).


Divine: Print-and-Play Board Game - Download - Design Doc/Rules - Board Game Geek

I'm always looking for ways to design games that don't require any programming (my kryptonite) and making board games is my current creative outlet. Divine is a game for 2 to 4 players in which you assume the role of a Deity trying to spread their religion in ancient times. You can use your divine powers to quickly gain followers or deviously attack your competing religions. Priests, Zealots, Prophets, and Avatars are your pawns of strategic influence in a developing city which you must control. The game has a strong card-based battle system. I have released Divine as a free print-and-play download which you can find at the link above.


Synestesia: Abstract Game - Created at TIGJam Midwest via TIG Source - Download (WINDOWS) - Trailer

The theme of this TIG Jam was "Proverbs". Every game had to be based on ancient words of wisdom, and my proverb was "Every man assumes the colors of his surroundings". I'm going to warn you that this was an experiment and I mean that very literally. The game play is incredibly rough (to be fair we only had 48 hours), but I think it turned out fairly competent, especially in the visuals. Thanks to Garrett for the programming work! If you would like to play the game please use the download link above, but make sure to read the "readme" file for game play instructions then run the file called "colors" to play. You can also view a video of the game in action here.


Clockwork: Discontinued UT3 Modding Project -  ModDB Page - Design Doc

Clockwork was a modding project that I started my Junior year of college. I brought the idea for a full conversion modding class to my advisor and we turned it into a year-long course with 14 other students getting class credit for our work. I acted as lead designer creating all of the story elements, character concepts, design documents, level outlines, and much more. Unfortunately our ambitions were a little beyond our means, but it was a great learning experience in what it takes to design and build a game. I also got a lot of experience in managing a team and developing an asset creation pipeline using the Unreal Engine. Check out the links above to our (now defunct) official design wiki and ModDB page.


Dreadnaught: Unreal Tournament 3 Custom Map -  Screenshots and Video - Download

Dreadnaught is a massive custom map for Unreal Tournament 3 based on a concept image from www.isotx.com. This project took well over 100 hours to complete as part of an advanced level design class. The level takes place on a flying warship over the ocean. There are multiple decks and quarters to explore as well as a few well hidden powerups and weapons. Hit the links above to check it out.