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Ludum Dare 28 Entry - Dodgy Ball

Dodgy Ball is, well… something. The idea was to make a TowerFall-like game with dodgeballs instead of arrows. I think we succeeded in our most basic goals, but the result can be a bit buggy and some of the platforming elements aren’t always consistent.

I had never really attempted to do a proper 2D physics platformer before, which is where most of the “dodgy”-ness comes from. Platform collisions aren’t perfect. Floor and wall jumping forces aren’t 100% reliable. And the code for picking up and catching balls is hacked together at best. Actually, there isn’t a single line of code in the whole thing. Everything was done in Playmaker for Unity, which might explain some of the problems. All that being said however, I think this might be the most fun I’ve had with any game I’ve ever created myself.

TowerFall and Samurai Gunn have been on my mind a lot lately. So when I heard the theme announced, I quickly gravitated to the local multiplayer concept. Requiring multiple players and controllers unfortunately rules out a pretty large number of potential players, but hey, it has been a game type I have wanted to experiment with for a while. I also wanted to do something totally different than our last Ludum Dare entry, TimeFrame.

I spent at least 90% of the competition time refining the game’s controls. Only a few hours were spent on the art, animations, sound effects, and music (by the amazing Clark Aboud). The scoring elements and the start screen were literally implemented in the last hour of the jam. Luckily everything fell together just in time.

As much as I love the way the game plays, I think it would be necessary to go back to square one with the controls and physics if we were to release this as a polished game. I learned so much over the course of a single weekend that I’m sure it would be best served to scrap the existing code and retune everything from the ground up. Whether or not we decide to do that is up in the air. For the time being it’s back to full-time development on our primary project, Lacuna Passage.


Digital Divine

Good news everyone! If all goes according to plan there will eventually be a flash version of my board game "Divine". I currently have an internet friend, Brandon McGuigan, helping to develop the game. I bow to his superior flash coding experience. Here is a quick update he sent me today and I thought I would share it on my blog. Play the video below to COMMENCE AWESOMENESS!

Ok, so maybe that wasn't exactly awesomeness, but it is really cool to see my game concept in this simple digital form. If you're familiar with my board game you will notice that he has implemented the basics for tile positioning and space recognition. Brandon and I had previously been working on my other game concept, Synatomic, but we have put that on hold for now due to the abstract nature of the game making communication difficult. This is a much more straightforward project since Brandon is essentially "porting" the game from physical to digital form. I will be contributing new graphics eventually, but right now we are just trying to get things up and running. Props to Brandon for helping me out with this project. Maybe this will help get the game some exposure and even some attention from publishers.

I will be making some final touches on the board game version over Thanksgiving and will be sending it to publishers for testing soon after. Thanks to all my friends and family for the support and all the help playtesting. I will post any future updates here.