Reviving an old game concept with new concept art

Just a teaser for a game idea that I've had in the back of my head for a while and I think I just finally found my art style. This game might come together relatively quickly now. 


New app icon for Iceberg Frenzy


For the updated version that will be out soon. There is not much changed here other than a reduction of file size to get it under the 20MB limit for downloading over 3G networks.


Poster designs for UNI Green Month

A couple months ago I was asked to create some posters for UNI's Green Month events and I gladly accepted. I love doing designs for worthy causes and it seemed like they had some great ideas for events that I could string together with a general theme. I decided to go with the (perhaps cliched) theme of a globe and worked with some old-fashioned fonts to appeal to the ideas of simplicity and conservation. Despite the mountains of text on each poster I think I managed to create some eye-catching designs that hopefully helped raise some awareness on campus. Feel free to click the above images to view larger versions of the designs.


Concept art for a future game idea

The following is a photoshop painting that I did for a game idea I'm currently concepting. The basic idea is that you are the sole survivor on a failed mission to Mars. While there you discover a mystery that crosses the galaxy. A single player exploration and puzzle game. The suit design was created by my friend and coworker Eric Young while I did all the coloring and painting. I actually would love to have the game look very close to this style. Somewhat cartoonish... almost like a comic book. I might do some 3D art tests soon.


Testing... Testing... Testing...