Unreal Tournament 3 Map - Dreadnaught

So I'm working on a custom map for Unreal Tournament 3. When I was looking for ideas I came across some interesting concept art for a game series called Iron Grip by Isotx ( My favorite piece was that of a flying battleship. I contacted the team and got permission to use the concept as the inspiration for my custom map. My hope is to have a majority of the work done before GDC so I can have another impressive portfolio piece to show off. I will be documenting my progress occasionally here on my blog so I can show my design process and get feedback.

So, here is my first progress post:

This will essentially be the "base" of my level, created entirely as a static mesh that will serve to create a sense of scale and depth. As you can see, the main decks are missing from my model, because those will be created in the UnrealEd using a combination of BSP and existing static meshes. Most of the level will take place on the upper decks with a few storage rooms below deck. Obviously the concept image is very symmetrical in design which I will try to make more asymmetrical by straying from the concept slightly (you can already notice a few intentional design differences in the hull of the ship). Let me know what you think and check back to see how the project progresses.


Concept art for a future game idea

Just thought I might share some concept images for a game concept that I've been working on with my indie group, Random Seed Games. The main gameplay mechanic would revolve around a single "grapling hook" for locomotion and physics based goals. The art style would be very abstract and always changing to fit the mood and reflect gameplay achievements. Hope you like what I have come up with so far!


New Portfolio

I'm about half way through building this new portfolio site in preparation for GDC 2010. So far I think I have successfully created an interesting visual style and simple navigation. During the creation process I have been reflecting on my portfolio pieces and I feel like I can be really proud of what I've accomplished. I do have to admit that the look and feel of my site would not have been so quickly created if not for the amazing tools available with Squarespace. I really enjoy designing for the web, but my skills are quite lacking in web programming. With Squarespace I am able to easily iterate on my design and make quick content changes. This will be extremely important as I continue to build and refine my portfolio. I can't wait for GDC and beyond.

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